Congratulations Cristovao Lopes Mendonca

Cristovao Lopes Mendonca, Winner Of The “Best In Academic” Certificate In Engine Ratings At The Malaysian Maritime Academy (Alam)

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ConocoPhillips is delighted to congratulate Cristovao Lopes Mendonca, who was recently awarded ‘Best in Academic for Engine Ratings’ at the Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM).  The award was presented for academic excellence together with other attributes of a well-rounded personality.

Cristovao was selected to take part in MMA Offshore’s Maritime Trainee Program for Timorese nationals as part of their local content commitment associated to their contract with ConocoPhillips for Bayu Undan. The trainee program aims to provide a marine career pathway for Timorese nationals.

Cristovao’s remarkable achievement proves that success is the result of hard work, perseverance and study.

Based in the Maliana District, Timor-Leste, Cristovao is a 39-year-old husband and father of four. After his father had passed away when he was only twelve years old, he struggled to find the right path. Born as the eleventh child in a family of 12, his family didn’t have the financial resources to allow him an expensive education.

Cristovao has always had a passion for the maritime industry and found that ALAM was his gateway to enter the industry. After a successful application to MMA for their trainee/cadet recruitment intake in late February 2018, he started his training at ALAM in Malaysia in October 2018 and successfully graduated in April 2019.

The training course at ALAM that Cristovao completed is the theory component towards obtaining his Engine Room Certified Rating, the role which forms part of a watch in a manned engine room. The course also enabled him to gain the relevant knowledge and skillset to effectively perform duties in a periodically unmanned engine room. 

At the next step, Cristovao will be employed as Engine Cadet/Trainee within MMA Offshore’s international fleet in order to obtain his qualifying sea time. He will then be eligible to have his certificates and sea time endorsed and obtain his full Engine Room Rating Certification, enabling him to be employed as an Engine Room Rating. This will allow Cristovao to conduct engine room watch duties or functions on vessels of any size in any operating area.

We wish Cristovao all the best for his future career.

ConocoPhillips continues to support training and capacity building programs through local content commitments with contractors, that provide Timorese with the opportunity to gain technical skills, knowledge and have career progression. Successful training outcomes like Cristovao’, contribute to increased local capacity in Timor-Leste.  


ConocoPhillips ho laran kontente hato’o parabens bá Cristovão Lopes Mendoça, ne’ebé foin dadaun simu melhor akademiku sertifikadu iha klasifikasaun Engine Rating nian iha Akademia Maritima Malasia (ALAM). Premiu ida ne’e apresenta diak tebes ho atributu seluk konabá personalidade nian mos.

Cristovão hetan selesaun atu hola parte iha MMA Offshore nia programa formasaun maritima ba Timor oan sira hanesan parte ida husi komitmentu konteidu lokal nian ne’ebé asosiadu ho kontratu ConocoPhillips nian ba projetu Bayu – Undan nian. Programa formasaun ida ne’e nia objetivu atu forñese Timor oan sira kona-ba Kareira Maritima nian.

Cristovão nia prestasaun diak ida ne’e prova katak susesu mak mai husi resultadu servisu maka’as, badinas no estuda ne’ebé ho laran.

Agora dadaun ne’e, nia hela iha distritu Maliana, nia tinan 39 no moris hanesan kaben-nain no iha oan nain hat. Nia mak oan dala 12 husi nia maun alin hamutuk ho nia 12. Nia Pae fila tiha ona ba Aman Maromak nia kadunan wainhira nia iha tinan 12, nia hetan obstaklu barak atu hetan dalan diak tanba nia famila laiha kapasidade finanseiru ne’ebé naton atu tulun nia atu hetan edukasaun ne’ebé adekuadu.

Cristovão fó nia hakarak no laran tomak ba industria maritima nian no nia hetan Akademia Maritima Malasia (ALAM) hanesan odamatan atu tama iha industria ne’e. hafoin hatama nia aplikasaun ba MMA kona-ba rekrutamentu CADET iha Fevereiru 2018, nia komesa nia formasaun iha ALAM, iha fulan Outubro 2018 no nia susesu tebes no hetan graduasaun iha Abril 2019.

Formasaun iha ALAM, Cristovão kompleta komponente teoria nian atu hetan sertifikadu Engine Room Rating”. Nia papel hanesan parte ida atu hare’e/tau matan sala Engine nian iha ró laran. kursu ida ne’e mos ajuda nia atu hetan habilidade no koñesimentu diak atu tulun nia performa ho efeitivu waihira nia hala’o nia kna’ar iha sala Engine nian periodikamente.

Planu ba oin, Cristovão sei emprega hanesan Engine Cadet iha MMA offshore International ho nune’e nia bele hetan kualifikadu tempu iha tasi nian (Sea Time). Depois ida ne’e nia sei eligivel atu hetan sertifikadu no tempu iha tasi laran bele endosadu nia atu hetan nia sertifikasaun kompleta iha Engine Room Rating, ho sertifikadu ida ne’e mos bele permite nia atu emprega nia hanesan Engine Room Rating. Ida ne’e mos sei bele permite Cristovão atu konduta ou hala’o kna’ar iha Sala Engine nian atu hare deveres no funsaun iha kualker ró iha operasaun ne’ebé deit.

Parabens Cristovão buat hotu sei diak iha ninia kareira oin mai.

ConocoPhillips kontinua atu supporta programa formasaun no kapasitasaun liu husi konteidu lokal ho kontrator sira ne’ebé forñese oportunidade atu hetan koñesimentu tekniku, habilidade no kareiras. Susesu iha formasaun hanesan Cristovão bele kontribui atu hasa’e kapasidade lokal iha Timor leste.